Here you will get a closer view to the different Apple-Computers that i use
   and I uncover several details of the neat little configuration-Goodies of those computers.....

I am limited with my space, and I therefor "compacted" very tough the area where I work with a part of my Apple-Computers.....
so lets first take a "overview of the "Apple-Corner" and see how many computers are linked together in that small corner....
In this very compact corner there are 6 complete Apple-computersystems linked together:
- 1 Macintosh G3 system  
- 1 Apple IIGS with ROM 3    
- 1 Apple IIGS with ROM 1    
- 1 Apple II clone used for testing Interfacecards      
- 1 Apple II europlus system    
- 1 Apple //e enhanced Version    
   LaserWriter NTX #1
   for Apple IIGS Rom 3
   and G3 MAC

   LaserWriter NTX #1
   for Apple IIGS Rom 1


   Syquest  44 MB Harddisk-Media´s
   for Syquest in SCSI Tower below
   SCSI Tower for Use with
   RAMFAST SCSI-Controller
   with 3 Harddisks ( each 360 MB )
   and IOMEGA Jazz-drive for
   1 GB Media´s and insertable
   SCSI CD-ROM Drive and
   Syquest Mediadrive

   all together linked in
   one SCSI-Chain

   the entire chain is use in that
   computer with which the current
   worksession is executed by
   insertig the SCSI-Card in
   a free slot except if used with the
   G3 - in that case the Chain is
   connected to the Adaptec 2906
   at the backpanel of the G3.  


- 1 Apple //e unenhanced Version
   For further and more detailed Description of the Systems including Schematics for each System at the next Page