Adaptor for Apple ][ computerseries to be used with either Apple-Joystick or PC-Joystick
   -   and additional 4-Bit Connector to Annunciators

  Nowadays not all Apple-fans have access to the original Apple-Joystick do it might be usefull to create an adaptor
  the enables these people to use instead a common PC-Joystick......

This description shows how to make such an adaptor and besides offers to create a version that permits the use of one of both kinds of joystick and besides it
  permits to add a further plug that gives access to the 4 annunciators of the gameport - they may be used with external electronics to switch by softwarecontrol
  from the computer and few external electronics external devices. Per Switch only one transistor and a relay is needed in the most simple version.
  You can switch up to 16 devices if you add a decoder and few additional electronic parts. This permits for example to make a burglar-alarmset by computercontrol
  or a lightorgan for the partyroom.....  Some examples for such projects will be added within the next weeks..... in ealier schooldays such projectshave been rather
  common to learn how to programm a system as controlsystem... so it is quite good idea to add that connector to the adaptor....
    The Gameport Expansion Cable
  The security-System and
  Burglar detection system
  and a Joystick Calibration System
  to be inserted and continued soon !
   The basic I/O Gameport expansion Card
   Program Page No.: 1
   The "Piggy-Pack" PCB Page for the additional extension PCB
   Program Page No.: 2
 Here there will soon be a System introduced for CAD-Drilling or
 Plotting and how to drive steppermotors with positioning control !
 this will be added soon !
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